Let us guide you to the most exciting swimwear, spandex sex wear, male display wear, men's tights, hot micro shorts and so much more. It's time to become on of the dashing G-string men. Guys who love to wear as little as possible and show off their hard won bodies to the girls and boys at the beach. If you have found this site my guess would be that you are as big a spandex freak as I am. I not only love wearing tiny G-strings to the beach and of course checking out all the other hot G-string men, I love to wear all the hottest swimwear styles of the day. When I swim at the gym I wear a micro bikini, one every bit as tiny as what the girls are wearing. I think I get hit on more when I wear a micro bikini which is great because I love the attention. Sometimes I prefer the tiny fem style G-string swimsuits. There is just about every pouch style now available in G-strings as there are in thongs and bikinis. If I want a fem style vagina look they are available. If I want a bulge enhancing style they are available too.  

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